Why Didn’t My House Sell


The number one reason homes do not sell is the list price. We all think our homes are worth much more than the neighbors because ours looks so much better than theirs. The reality is that our home is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. There are many factors involved when deciding the appropriate list price for our home. We need to know what the competition is in our neighborhood, what is currently for sale, what has recently sold, and what did not sell. We also must determine the differences between the home we want to sell and the competition and what the value is of those differences. We want to make sure that the price we ask doesn’t leave any money on the table but is listed at an amount that wont keep buyers from looking at your property. If your home is priced correctly you should get showing appointments very quickly. If you don’t get any appointments you will want to look closely at your asking price.


Great pictures (let me say that one more time) Great pictures on the MLS and other posting sites. It is a fact that pictures sell homes. Most people will skip right by a listing that has one, or no pictures. The more pictures that you can post with the listing the better. Also important is the quality of the photos and the content shown in the picture. PLEASE close the toilet lid when taking pictures of a bathroom! The pictures should be taken with a quality camera, with good lighting, and the photos should show the home rather than furniture in the home. The home should be immaculate when pictures are taken. The walls should be clean and free from marks, the bathrooms should have only minimal items left out, garbage and laundry should not be visible.


Curb appeal is so very important when getting the buyer to actually walk into your home. If the front of your house looks like it was not maintained the buyer will assume that the inside was neglected as well and will move on before even looking in the windows. It doesn’t take much to make the outside look inviting. Pressure wash the outside of your home,driveway and sidewalk so it looks clean, give the front door a new coat of paint in an inviting color (now is the time to make your house stand out from the others with a memorable paint color), put out a new welcome mat and a few potted flowers. You want the outside of your home to be clean, tidy, and welcoming so that people are left wanting to see what is inside.


The showing of your home is best done by a Realtor when the homeowner is gone. I can’t say it enough how important it is for the homeowner to leave the house. Homeowners will always think that they are the most qualified to sell their own home because they love it so much and they know everything about it. The problem is that homeowners can un-sell a house quicker than you can blink an eye. Talking too much is a curse and homeowners will almost always say more than they should and the conversation will frequently turn into personal details about the house, neighbors, and neighborhood that often times should be left unsaid. I’m not in any way suggesting that important facts should be hidden, I’m just suggesting that the buyer may not think it’s an important detail until the seller tells them it is.


Once the for sale sign goes up the house should be kept in a like new condition at all times. This is not always an easy thing to do especially when there are children living in the house but it is so important to selling a house quickly. I always suggest that the seller remove most personal items, and unnecessary furniture before selling. The buyer will want to be able to imagine themselves living in the home and how their pictures and furniture will look and that is hard to do when the house is full. A nice, clean, neutral paint color will help sell the home faster than if the walls are dirty and dinged up. I know the age old argument that “they are buying the house not the things in it” and “why should I paint when they are just going to repaint before they move in”. This way of thinking may be fine if you do not have any time constraint but if you want to sell the house quickly and for top dollar you will want to take every opportunity to remove anything that may cause the seller to move on to another house with less work or to offer less than the asking price. It won’t cost you much to clean the carpets and paint a few walls but the buyer will be asking for enough money to pay someone else to do these chores for them and that will cost much more in the long run.


When you have a Realtor coming with buyers you will want to leave a lasting impression with them because they will be viewing a lot of homes and they tend to all blur together after a while. Make sure that you wow them from the moment they drive up to the moment the leave the house. If you have dogs be sure to put them in a secure area, do a sniff test of your home before you leave to make sure there are no unpleasant odors, empty trash bins, close toilet lids, keep cabinets and closets tidy because they will be opened, and please, please, please put laundry out of sight! I once showed a house where the hamper was left out in plain sight and let me tell you neither I nor the potential buyers will ever forget what we saw.


I hope this helps you to get your home ready to sell and that when you do list it your home sells fast and for top dollar. If you need a Realtor we are just a call or email away!


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